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Choose forestation 
as your
sustainability strategy

Project O2

We enable companies to plant trees on unforested land which leads to increased forest coverage and biodiversity over time.

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What is 
Project O2

Project O₂ is a project about awareness development and urgency of forest protection through people’s encouragement to plant trees that is forest, through innovative products adapted to people who haven’t planted a tree yet, a simple innovative system of afforestation, and educational programs. In the last couple of years, awareness about ecology has become a daily routine, and not only within people who are aware of today’s ecology and active people but also widely spread across all citizens.

Our Partners

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We’ve increased absorption of CO₂


Trees planted


Afforestation until now

73000 m²

We enable companies to purchase carbon credits with verifiable impact and landowners to quantify and increase the value of their forests or unforested land.


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„Croatiakontrola Ltd is trying to be the leader in the laboratory food quality verification and we want to meet highest ESG standards. We partnered with  Magic forest and found their services simple and quick.”

Franko Delonga, CEO Croatiakontrola

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