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Enrolling landowners

1 year contract

We are excited to help you realize and increase the value of your land while helping you create and maintain healthier and more diverse ecosystems in your community.


No fees

No land size minimums

Forest Landowner

it works?

Unforested Landowner

Do you own a forest and want to make income by maintaining it rather than cutting it down? Let us know here and we will connect you to a corporate forest renter.

Do you own unforested land where trees can be planted? Let us know here and we will connect you to a planting project.


Unforested Landowner

Forest Landowner


“We are very pleased to be part of such a commendable action that we hope will be successful, but above all that it will encourage each individual to think about their own environmental responsibility. Our forests and ecosystems are natural resources and it is up to us to care for them so that we can leave a healthy environment to our children”

Zlatko Mađeruh
Grubisno Polje, Croatia


Let's talk

„Croatiakontrola Ltd is trying to be the leader in the laboratory food quality verification and we want to meet highest ESG standards. We partnered with  Magic forest and found their services simple and quick.”

Franko Delonga, CEO Croatiakontrola

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